2019 School Review

30 August, 2019

In the first week of Term 3, the Department of Education Review Team visited our school to complete the 2019 Kambalda Primary School Review.

It is exciting, and no surprise, to announce that our school performance rating, determined through self-assessment and validated by the Review Team, is EFFECTIVE.  This has been endorsed by the WA Deputy Director-General of Schools.

This is reflective of the high standards, hard work and dedication that all staff put into our school; the support we receive from the parents and community; and the pride that students have in their school.  We are definitely making progress with our vision to ensure that the school provides a safe, warm and friendly learning environment that supports each child to develop the essential academic, creative, social and physical skills necessary to become a worthwhile member of a rapidly changing society. Our students are developing into socially competent, resilient and caring members of our school and the wider community.

Congratulations to all.

You can read the full Report and the Deputy Director General’s endorsement by clicking the links below.


DDGS letter endorsing Public School report, Kambalda Primary School


Kambalda Primary School Public~School Review report July 2019

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